About Us


Valuation Alliance is a consulting and advisory firm that specializes in serving privately held commercial real estate brokerage companies and their respective ownership interests. Valuation Alliance provides a range of quality and supportable services for our clients.


• Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Companies
• Commercial Property Management Companies
• Start-Up or Early Stage Commercial Brokerage Companies


Obie Walli – Founder / Managing Partner

Since founding Valuation Alliance in 2017, Mr. Walli has worked with privately held commercial real estate brokerage firms across the country in business valuations, succession planning, M&A advisory, and strategic planning. Mr. Walli also serves on the board and is the co-founder of Dealius, a CRE Tech company.
Prior to launching Valuation Alliance, Mr. Walli was the co-founder and CEO of CBC Alliance a full-service commercial real estate firm that he grew, primarily through acquisitions, to 10 offices with over 150 professionals and sold in 2016.
Mr. Walli started his career in investment banking for Prudential Securities and transitioned into commercial real estate 20 years ago. Over his career he has underwritten over 200 real estate M&A transactions and completed over 60 acquisitions totaling $900 million in value.

Fred Schmidt – Managing Partner

Mr. Schmidt joined Valuation Alliance in December 2018 and brings 38 years of commercial real estate services experience. Mr. Schmidt has led organizations on a local, regional, national and global basis. During the past 8 years he was the President and COO of an organization that had 250 locations, with 3000 agents located in 44 countries.
He has been involved with numerous M&A assignments during his tenure. Schmidt has a proven track record in improving the profitability and productivity of real estate services firms and teams. His skill sets include Strategic Planning, M&A, Executive Coaching, Leadership Skills, Learning, Recruiting and Business Development.


Valuation Alliance was founded to fill an unmet need of the owners of private commercial real estate brokerage firms. Specifically, we helped our clients successfully address the challenges that are common across the industry of understanding the value of their company, succession planning, strategic planning, partnership structures, and M&A advisory. Our experience in being operators in the industry allows us to bring a unique perspective and understanding of the nuances of the business and most of all understanding that the assets of the business are the relationship and people of each organization.